3dcart Shopping Cart Software Review

If you have your own products you make or source, having a shopping cart platform will be a great setup for you. 3dcart has an all in one platform for hosting, inventory management, integration with social media and it’s mobile-friendly. You could also add it to a blog or other hosting platforms. It is very customizable and easy to integrate into any platform, or as a standalone. And there are no setup fees, starting at $19.99 a month. Let’s get into the details…

3dcart Shopping Cart Software Review

Company: 3dcart Shopping Cart Software

Website: 3dcart.com

Price: Starting at $19.99

Owners: Gonzalo Gil and Jimmy Rodriguez, Founders

Overall Rank: 93.0 / 100.0

3dcart, Product Overview

3dcart is an all-inclusive online store and eCommerce platform, including hosting (if you want), domain name and a blog feature built in. It includes 24/7 customer support and various themes to choose from. Keep in mind, most of the themes are a separate $149. There are free themes available.

Integrats with ebay, Facebook, Google Shopping, Amazon, and more. Even with UPS and other shipping carriers. Centralized inventory management for all the platforms.

The Good & The Bad

– The Good:

  • Shopping Cart that integrates with multiple platforms
  • Affordable
  • Highly secure with Https and PCI standards.
  • Scalable as you grow.
  • Excellent way to get a brick and mortar business online.
  • Works great for dropshipping.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Reliability – 99.94% uptime.
  • Calculates Shipping cost and personalized shopping cart for shoppers.
  • Option to have a POS for in person sales.
  • Automated email notifications, newsletter marketing and email reminders for cart abandonment.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Unlimited products for all plans.

– The Bad

  • Not intended for affiliate marketing. If you are planning to use the affiliate marketing model, some of the other hosting companies and programs would suit you better. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Price is for one brand/website.

Who Is 3dcart For?

3dcart is for those who create their own products, either digital or hard goods. It’s also good for dropshipping, selling products from a supplier online, the supplier taking care of shipping. Businesses large or small.

3dcart Tools & Training

3dcart does have some pretty decent training. And a blog to get more tips and tricks. They have an eCommerce University with courses to get you started and plenty of how-to articles.

3dcart Support

  • 24/7 Customer Support included in price.
  • Experts you can hire, for a fee.
  • User Manual.

3dcart Pricing

  •  The most basic plan is $19 per month and allows 1 user.
  • $29/mo for 2 users
  • $79/mo. for 5 users
  • $129/mo. for 10 users
  • $229/mo. for 15 users

There is a promotional period at 50% off the above prices.

My Final Opinion of 3dcart

For setting up an online storefront, 3dcart has some great features and services. It’s a great all in one platform that lets you start small and grow your business online. Especially if you have your own products or are a brick and mortar looking to start online, this is the perfect time to make the jump. Most credit card processors have transaction fees but with 3dcart, you can choose the payment processor options that suit you best. Those with no transaction fees to some that are affiliated with a bank and so, do.

Dropshippers will also benefit greatly from 3dcart. The beauty of that is you don’t have to deal with shipping the products. With the training provided, hosting and support available with 3dcart, it’s a good answer for building your online store.

Overall Rank:

95.0 of 100



I hope you found value in this review of 3dcart. If you have qustions or comments, please leave them in the Comments section below. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “3dcart Shopping Cart Software Review”

  1. Definitely legit, and I do have one of my blogs where I do sell my own product. Right now, I’m going through a third-party source called Gumroad, but the 3DCart would be a much better way to go. I’ve looked at others like this but the fees were far too high per month. However, I could definitely fork $20/month – that’s a good investment price and there’s a lot to like about this product. Even if I had more than one brand, I’d be okay with buying this a second time if I had good results with the first go around. 

    • Thanks for commenting, Todd. It’s great to get the opinion of someone using another shopping cart software as a comparison. I wouldn’t hesitate to try out 3dcart. 

  2. I think 3Dcart shopping software can be a good solution in this time of confinement. Where you would like to continue buying your product from your local supplier. It will help the local business to establish their business online and receive payment.

    I hope more traditional businesses will take this opportunity by using software like this one to upgrade their business for the better.



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